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Integrated Coding Platform

Skill development is an important educational aspect schools should offer to equip their students with the necessary skills required for a world dominated by digital tools. Singhania Quest+ aims to provide schools with access to 21st century skill implementation opportunities with its integrated coding program in alignment with NEP 2020.

Make your school NEP-Ready by implementing 21st century skill development learning solutions with an integrated coding program by Singhania Quest+

Brought to you by alumnus from IIT, IIM having worked with
The NEP suggests a flexible and multidisciplinary curriculum which includes coding, enabling students to organise their thoughts and improve logical thinking abilities, helping boost their academic success. Singhania Quest+ promotes digital literacy in the classroom by utilising ICT tools and resources to create an engaging teaching-learning environment based on innovation and digital learning.

Our skill development learning solutions help schools enhance

Problem solving skills
Logical and creative thinking
Numerical skills
Digital literacy
Development of innovative mindset
Project application

Singhania Quest+ coding program features as per NEP 2020

Project-based Coding Program: Coding or computers are taught in a theoretical manner in most schools which proves to be ineffective in contributing to skill development in the classroom. Singhania Quest+ presents school with a solution, providing a project based coding program that enables teachers to encourage critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving skills in the classroom. This gives schools an added advantage as project based coding programs enhance the school’s curriculum, distinguishing the school from competitors.
Block-based Coding Program: We offer schools a block based coding program with comprehensive activities for primary section students to establish and create a strong foundation in digital literacy and familiarity with digital tools. Our python program for secondary students, provides them with a solid foundation in coding along with our other coding language programs, inciting computational thinking in students while leading them on the novel path of technology. Our offerings help in the adoption and effective implementation of coding programs in schools.

Multiple training modules

We offer multiple training modules for the effective integration of coding programs in schools. Our training modules help schools make their teachers and students well versed with digital tools.

Online training

Coding lessons can be taught to a classroom via zoom, which students and teachers can later access through their login IDs.

Offline training

Singhania Quest+ coding experts can visit your school and teach coding projects/lessons in the school’s computer labs.

Train the teacher

We teach school teachers coding together at the schools, or individually, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to effectively teach coding in the classroom.

Singhania Quest+ skill development modules for schools

Primary (Grade 1-5)

Computer Literacy: Computer Basics, Internet & Networking
Information Literacy: Documentation, Data Analysis
Life Skills: Effective Presentation
Media Literacy: Multimedia, Image Processing Digital Painting, Visualization & Animation
Digital Citizenship: Ethics & Ergonomics, Cyber Security
Computational Thinking: Visual Programming

Secondary (Grade 6-10)

Computational thinking: Visual Programming, App Design Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Data Science and Analysis, Game Design Web Design & Mechatronics design
Media Literacy: Visualisation & Animation
Life Skills: Project Management, Entrepreneurship
Design Thinking: Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D Digital Design, Graphics Design
Digital Citizenship: Social Networks and networking, Troubleshooting
Future Technologies: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (VR, AR) Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing

Integrated coding program to help school’s enhance your curriculum

Enhanced curriculum with coding: Singhania Quest+ recognizes the importance of coding, providing schools with an integrated coding program with grade wise project complexity as per STEM and CSTA, helping teachers develop analytical thinking and creativity in their students.

Experiential learning with coding: Our coding program facilitates experiential learning and brings about an hands-on approach to coding providing teachers with the means to adopt creativity and ingenuity into their teaching methods in the classroom. This experiential learning approach helps students perceive how writing a code works in sync with innovative technology, creating an engaging classroom with learning on multiple levels.

Improved teaching methods: Our integrated program gives teachers a clear understanding of how coding can help attain technical knowledge and enhance their teaching approaches. It leads to seamless integration of coding with other subjects, and enables effective teaching of computational thinking skills in the classroom.

Beginner-friendly classes: Singhania Quest+ gives schools access to beginner-friendly coding classes, with coding sessions designed specifically for digital learning beginners. We make sure to help schools seamlessly integrate coding into their curriculum, providing them with a strong foundation in digital learning.

Integrated Coding Program

Choice of multiple languages
Learn coding with concepts through a graded curriculum

Focus on innovation & creativity

Complete experiential learning
with hands-on coding

Over 90 projects with concepts

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Make your School NEP Ready

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