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Professional Development

Professional Development is an increasing need for teachers to learn new teaching skills and techniques. Teachers taking part in professional development activities develop better teaching and classroom management techniques in the long run. It enables their comprehension of subject matter and helps create lesson plans that are useful in the classroom.

Teacher education is vital in creating a pool of schoolteachers that will shape the next generation. Teacher preparation is an activity that requires multidisciplinary perspectives and knowledge, formation of dispositions and values, and development of practice under the best mentors. NEP 2020: 15.1

The National Education Policy 2020, is a path breaking education policy, focused on enhancing the education system in India. While there are a multitude of reforms for students, the NEP also focuses on professional development for teachers. Teacher training is equally important in education as it enhances their teaching skills and perspectives, facilitating better transfer of knowledge in the classroom
Under the new NEP guidelines, the updated teacher training program is now 4 years.
The minimum required number of hours per year that a teacher needs to spend on Continuous Professional Development as per NEP 2020 is 50 hours.

Our Professional Development Solutions as per the NEP 2020

Elevate Your Teaching
NEP 2020-Aligned Training Program for Teachers - 5 Hours of Dynamic Development
Unlocking Teaching Excellence
Timely upgradation & upscaling of teachers through our customized Teacher Training Program
Empowering Change Maker
Earn a Certification through our prestigious Change maker program

The importance of Professional Development for teachers

Enhanced Teaching Skills
Professional development helps teachers refine their instructional strategies and develop unique approaches to teaching. This helps them teach based on research-based practices and the latest educational trends. Knowledge derives from professional development empowers them to create engaging lessons, adapt to diverse learning needs, and employ effective classroom management strategies.
Improved Content Knowledge
 Professional development opportunities provide teachers with the chance to deepen their subject matter knowledge and expertise. Exploring new curriculum materials, researching 21st century teaching methods and participating in online courses help broaden their knowledge base. This leads to increased confidence in delivering accurate and quality information to students.
Collaboration and Networking
 Professional development activities encourage collaboration and networking among educators. Teachers can come together to share ideas, discuss best practices, and implement quality teaching methods through continuous coordination with colleagues from different schools, fostering a sense of innovation in education.

Professional Development solution by Singhania Quest+ help teachers enhance

School teaching methods
Quality learning environment
Leadership qualities
Adaption to education landscapes
Better student-teacher relationships
Effective curriculum implementation
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